Hey everyone my  new single is about to drop "Lovesgottahold" on June 14th.  I am really excited.  You can find it on all streaming platforms: iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, etc. ... and there will be a music video on You Tube.

I got to work with some amazing young film makers, Ethan Zalunardo, Chris Thach, and Colby Parada.  It was an awesome experience.  Special thanks to Devin Brazzo, Shayan Bawani, Rick Parada, and Rock&Roll Auto.

I think I'm going to drop this music I have as singles, one by one. It makes more sense for me and its a lot more fun to be able to keep fresh content coming.

I will be going live on IG after the release to answer questions on the 14th at 6:00pm (pacific standard  time).

I just graduated so I am going to have a lot more time to make music, hang out in LA and work on some projects and hopefully play some live music when I can.