Hey everyone just a quick update and answering some questions:

When are the Daffodil T-shirts coming out?

The daffodil t-shirts are a limited edition signed t-shirt in spring yellow.  We will have them up next week, they are almost ready.

How long does it take to get my stuff?

We are shipping out on Mondays, we are sending everything ground so it could take up to two weeks to get to your door from the time you ordered depending where you live in the US.

Why is my CD opened? 

CD's are sent to us from he factory in shrink wrap to protect them.  We slice them open so Noah  can sign the cover then slip them back in to protect them while they are being shipped to you.  The shrink wrap is meant to be discarded.

Can I still get my CD Personalized?

We offered that for a limited amount of time to our supporters who were on the waiting list after we sold out.   We have a handful of people from the list we still need to ship to but we have closed the list.

HEY how can I get these updates sent to my eimail?  

So Glad you asked!  You  can sign up for  mailing list here or simply go to connect.  We plan to activate the mailing list in March and will send out updates, info, links...  (we do not share our mailing lists, we do not sell our mailing list)


-The Team