Hey Everyone I don't know how to thank you all for the art and designs and ideas.  I had no idea how many people would submit and it was crazy.  It was such a big deal, you have no idea how happy it made me, I have the most talented and creative supporters ever.


It wasn't easy, I could only choose a couple but I loved every one of them.  We are working hard to get all the submissions formatted and put into the Fan Art Gallery.  There is limited space there so we will rotate to give everyone a chance.

When new  projects come up I will go back to all these images again if its cool with you.

I am getting a lot of requests to perform, and a lot of questions about touring.  We are putting together ideas for mini tours and starting to audition musicians who want to do that with me.  But first I need to record the music for you.  I will be in the recording studio January and February.  I don't want to make everyone wait so I will release the first single just as soon as its ready.

The love and support means so much to me, I appreciate it more than I can say.  

I believe in art, I believe in artists and its cool that we are all doing this together.