Noah Mac was born and raised in a small town outside of the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California.  He grew up in a home full of artists and makers.  Holidays were spent singing and strumming on old guitars and pianos.  There were impromptu living room dance parties, loud conversation and debate.

At the age of seven, Noah lost his older sister to cancer.  To honor her and her love of music, Noah asked to sing “Judy and the Dream of Horses” by Belle and Sebastian, a favorite of hers, in the beautiful soprano voice that only a seven year old can deliver.  It was the first time he would sing in front of a room full of people.  It was bittersweet but for him; it was a way to transcend grief and find a way to stay connected to her in his own way.

One month later Noah would begin performing in musical theater, soon earning the lead in every performance with a unique voice.  He would also teach himself to play any instrument he could get his hands on, including an out-of-tune vintage piano in his mother’s art studio that he continues to hold onto like a best friend.

One rainy day, at the age of 15, he began writing, then producing his own music.  He took over an old garden shed in the backyard and turned it into a music studio, a refuge, a sanctuary.

A well-known cinematographer was given the music through a friend of a friend, and offered to make Noah’s first the music video, “Winter,” a song about passion and longing. A little heavy for a 15 year old boy, but all the more beautiful and breathtaking.

In 2018, he made one YouTube video with a cell phone, that vintage piano, and he at the back of his house. He sang in a voice he was just getting used to after his soprano turned tenor, then turned baritone. “River” by Leon Bridges got the attention of a casting company for NBC and he was invited to audition for The Voice.  

He was just seventeen and had written and produced his first EP the spring before. He was just getting ready to release it when he found himself in front of a television audience of almost 10 million people, singing with Dan Smith and Bastille. During his time on the voice he broke social media records and charted top ten on Itunes and 7 on billboards top emerging artist. His Ep light charted top 20 on Itunes.

After his experience on The Voice he felt a shift, a need to shed his skin and discover who he was as an artist. At just 18 he wrote, produced and released eight singles that musically represented his growth and transition during that time. He felt the need to explore, purge, and free up space inside himself to write his first album, Pretty Boy.

Pretty Boy was created in the solitude of his home studio. He flew completely solo in every aspect of this project, from song writing to production.  Every sound, voice, and musical instrument is his.

“I grow through the music I make. This album will be one the most special things I do because, for the first time, I can create something I identify with -- fully. It’s me - all me and truthfully me.“

Noah is an artist, and paints with the color of sound. having synesthesia, this is just how his mind works. His genre is hard to categorize. He uses the term “pop-adjacent” to describe his work at the moment.  Although he is inspired by many artists, he has found his own voice 

Noah will be releasing Pretty Boy this summer and is currently working on two more albums. He’s really excited to start touring, to deliver his music live.







The soliloquy


welcome to paradise (cover)

daydreamer (cover)

in the air tonight (voice)


HOLD back the river (voice)





2017 Light ep

2017 WAy down we go (voice)

2017 I’M so lonesome i could cry ft keisha renee (voice)

2017 Hold back the river (voice)

2017 in the air tonight (voice)

2017 speed of sound (voice)

2017 electric love (voice)

2017 ordinary world (voice)

2017 LET IT BE ft jennifer hudson (voice)

2017 wicked game ft chloe mk (voice)

2017 river (voice)

2017 world gone mad ft bastille (voice)

2018 the soliloquy

2018 lovesgottahold

2018 nobody but us

2018 out of breath

2018 colors

2018 don’t pull me over

2018 nothing

2018 eyes for us

PRETTY BOY album - ReLEASES 2019